In 2000 a group of dedicated individuals employed by the Queensland Government were asked to work with the very remote community of Lockhart River.

They were shocked by the disadvantage and also saw potential for community led change. They came to respect and appreciate the people and their beautiful Australian location. They gained a great deal from working with the community, learning together about the challenges of finding the balance between traditional values and modern Australian culture.

With a new understanding of the historical hardships and the present challenges faced by the people of the community, these individuals decided they wanted to help the people of Lockhart River to articulate their vision and work towards a positive future to elevate their standard of living and quality of life.

They understood the urgency with which the community needed to secure its long-term sustainability in order to close the gap between the people of Lockhart River and other Australian communities. They drew on their collective experience and developed a smarter, superior model for supporting the people of Lockhart River.

Living in and working with key leaders of the local community, the CEO, as a volunteer, founded the Puuya Foundation in 2008. In 2009, the Foundation welcomed its official Patron, Dame Quentin Bryce. The purpose of the Puuya Foundation is to develop everyday leaders to empower local communities. Their commitment to an authentic partnership sees the Puuya Foundation embedded in the local community, working side by side with community members to develop skills, knowledge, competence and confidence in order to advance the community’s future.