The expression of stories and culture through art is an important part of life for the people of Lockhart River.

When the Puuya Foundation was being formed we reached out to local artist, Dorothy Hobson to create a logo for the Foundation. Dorothy is a Kuuku Ya´u woman, a Traditional Owner of land and sea to the north of Lockhart River and the Chair of the Puuya Foundation.

We asked Dorothy to create a logo that reflected both the strength and importance of ‘puuya’, the word meaning heart or life-force in the Kuuku Ya´u language, and the mission of the Foundation to engage meaningfully and authentically with the whole Lockhart River community to identify challenges and develop solutions together.

The result was the Puuya Foundation logo, which is steeped in meaning to both the artist and the local community.

Puuya_Logo_YouTubeDororthy explains “The 8 spirals represent the traditional owner groups in the Lockhart River area, as well as symbolising “puuya”. The 7 large clan groups are Wuthathi, Kuuku Ya´u, Kanthanumpu, Uutaalnganu, Angkum, Umpila, Kaanju. The smaller clan group is Appun. We know that when our puuya and culture are strong, that we have a strong future.

Our connection to our land and sea country is deep and very important to us, so the colours in our logo reflect this. Green represents the leaves on the trees. Orange/brown is for the ground, our land. White is for the sand beach – some of us are sand beach people. The deep blue represents the sea and our love for our sea country”.