TFFF001Tim Fairfax Family Foundation (TFFF) has been a long-time supporter, advisor and advocate for the Puuya Foundation and has committed $1,320,000 over six years to help the Puuya Foundation to achieve its mission to create a sustainable and vibrant community in Lockhart River.
The Foundation exists to support rural, regional and remote communities in Queensland and the Northern Territory to address the particular challenges they face due to their geographic location. Their focus on building capacity within these communities to achieve long term sustainability directly reflects the values, strategy and approach of the Puuya Foundation.

Both Tim and Gina Fairfax have visited Lockhart River twice, meeting with the community and experiencing the impact the Puuya Foundation is having in the community first hand. Their ongoing guidance, financial support and advocacy has been invaluable.



PrintIn September 2015, the Murphy Family Foundation made a major donation of a $150,000 flatpack building to the Puuya Foundation for our new early years learning centre, called the Kuunchi Kakana (Families Together) Centre. Early childhood was identified as a weakness in Lockhart River as part of the Puuya Foundation’s community consultation and strategic planning process.

Robin and Margaret Murphy, together with their three sons – Adrian, Rory and Dan established the Foundation in 2014 to support a range of charities, many of which their family has a personal connection to.

Members of the Murphy Family have travelled to Lockhart River to engage with the community and the work being undertaken by the Puuya Foundation first hand. Without the support of the Murphy Family Foundation, the Lockhart River community would still be dreaming about a community-led early years centre rather than watching it being built, and having the doors thrown open.

This centre is going to be a game changer.







The work of the Puuya Foundation is only made possible through the financial assistance of our supporters. Thanks to their vital support we are able to have a presence on the ground 365 days a year, and make strategic, evidence-based decisions that have the greatest potential to deliver long-term sustainability for the organization as well as life-changing, community-led sustainable advances for the local community.

We greatly appreciate the understanding our supporters have for the challenges being faced, and for the need for long-term, generational changes that the community can sustain and lead into the future.

Our most significant supporters of the last twelve months appear below. The authentic nature of these partnerships, so often expressed through meaningful visits to Lockhart River, and sincere engagement with the community fuel our ongoing belief that together, in collaboration with the local community, we will change the future of Lockhart River.