Long-term Capacity Building

The Puuya Foundation focuses on long-term capacity building. By working with the community to empower locals with skills, knowledge, confidence and experience the Puuya Foundation are working to disrupt the status quo challenges that have confronted the community of Lockhart River for generations.

The Puuya Foundation regard leadership development and capacity building as a broad and holistic endeavour, consistent with the idea of strengthening ‘puuya’ or lifeforce. It is important as it:

  • Strengthens pride in community and culture
  • Strengthens self-belief in the ability to create a bright future.
  • Introduces modern leadership, administration and commercial skills to complement traditional knowledge
  • Strengthens processes and supports opportunities for the community to plan and take action for their future.

Life Changing Projects

Complementing their leadership development and capacity building activities, the Puuya Foundation use strategically selected projects as a vehicle to further develop local skills and knowledge, while introducing life changing developments and change into the community.

The local community pay a significant role in determining priority areas for potential projects.

Implementing life-changing projects is important as it:

  • Advances the long-term quality of life of the people of Lockhart River
  • Builds a sense of local community
  • Addresses issues or challenges the community has identified as priorities.
  • Provides opportunities for community members to use the skills and knowledge they have developed through the Foundation’s long term leadership development and capacity building program.

Organisational Sustainability

The challenges faced by the Lockhart River community are multi generational. While good progress is being made there are no quick fixes. Where other projects and organisations have come and gone, the Puuya Foundation is committed to working side by side with the people of Lockhart River until the mission is achieved.

In order to commit to this long-term mission the Puuya Foundation must invest in its own long-term organisational sustainability, particularly its financial sustainability.

By working to ensure sustainable revenue for ongoing operations the Puuya Foundation will be able to:

  • Commit to ongoing, long-term capacity building programs, proving certainty and stability in the lives of the Lockhart River people.
  • Deliver life-changing projects.
  • Maximise the potential for long- term mission success.