The Puuya Foundation makes all its decisions regarding what projects to undertake using the Puuya Approach.

Using the Puuya Approach, we:

  • Authentically engage with the community 365 days a year, which encourages meaningful and open dialog when we seek input from the community regarding strategic goal for the community, challenges being faced and community-generated solutions that might be employed
  • Understand that solutions need to come from within the community because that is the essence of empowerment, while simultaneously recognising that not all the answers lie in Lockhart River so all Puuya Foundation projects are conducted in partnership, both to bring in the right expertise and to advance on-the-ground, person-to-person reconciliation.
  • Utilise projects as a vehicle for reconciliation, where non-indigenous partners can learn about better practices and processes from the local community, and the local community can learn from them
  • Prioritise projects that will deliver long term, sustainable gains for the community, particularly those with the potential to deliver generational-changing impact that extends beyond the life of any specific grant.
  • Live the values we espouse, taking advantage of opportunities to train and employ members of the local community wherever possible
  • Work to ensure the financial sustainability of the Puuya Foundation in order to continue to support the Lockhart River community.