Tim & Gina Fairfax, Supporters

Having spent many years living on a cattle station inland from Rockhampton, Tim and Gina Fairfax understand that life presents different challenges when you live outside of capital cities or major regional centres.

It was this understanding that led to the Tim Fairfax Family Foundation deciding to support rural, regional and remote communities in Queensland and the Northern Territory to address the particular challenges they face due to their geographic location.

Gina recalls first becoming aware of the Puuya Foundation when they received a modest grant application for a cultural development project, which TFFF decided to support.

“The reason we initially became involved with Puuya Foundation and with the people of Lockhart River was because they are so isolated. We felt that if we could somehow do something to help a community such as theirs it would be as though we were championing it,” Gina said.

The first project TFFF supported was a musical project for local men in the community. This project supported engaged men, and built their confidence, culture creativity and skills. It resulted in an album ‘Kinchya Ngumpulungu – Songs from the East Coast’ featuring original songs from 3 local bands comprised of men and youths from the community.

Tim recalls how impressed he was by the work of the Puuya Foundation, and by its members.

“You could tell almost immediately that this was a special organisation by the way in which they acquitted this project, and how it was strategically linked into their mission and progress for the community,” Tim said.

Shortly afterwards Tim and Gina travelled to Lockhart River to see first hand the work being undertaken by the Puuya Foundation.

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation immediately began to look for opportunities to develop a more comprehensive partnership with the Puuya Foundation. One that went beyond funding alone, to include advocacy, guidance and support reflecting their desire to be true champions of the Puuya Foundation, and the people of Lockhart River.

“The Puuya Foundation is having a great impact because they are very strategic in what they do and very thoughtful and considered,” Tim said.

“They have that vision that this is a long term commitment, and we’re really delighted to be on board with them.”

Tim and Gina have visited Lockhart River twice to date, meeting with the local people and experiencing the impact the Puuya Foundation is achieving in the community first hand. Gina says “Seeing the impact their support is having on the ground has only strengthened their resolve to continue supporting the organisation”.

“Since we’ve visited Lockhart River, we are more than happy with our decision, that this is something we would like to champion,” Gina said.

“I believe the support from the Puuya Foundation is just vital for the Lockhart River community. And we are very fortunate and privileged to be in the position where we can help. Not only for the community, but also for ourselves, to be able to see the impact being made and know we are a small part of that.”

The Tim Fairfax Family Foundation has been a long-time supporter, advisor and advocate for the Puuya Foundation and has committed $1,320,000 over six years to help the Puuya Foundation to achieve its mission to create a sustainable and vibrant community in Lockhart River.