The Puuya Foundation is delivering a significant impact to the lives of the people of Lockhart River.

While some of the impact is immediately evident, such as in the construction of the new Kuunchi Kakana (families together) centre as part of our early years learning and parenting program (EYLPP), it will be a number of years before the true impact can be measured. When you are striving, as we are, to achieve widespread, holistic, sustainable, generational change, it will take the cycle of at least one generation to measure the full impact.

“If the Puuya Foundation wasn’t here it would be impossible for us to try and address some of the social fabric issues here in our community because there is no one focussing on that. And I think that is the important role that the Puuya Foundation is going to play in the future: is to change people’s attitude and behaviour for the betterment of the community.”
Wayne Butcher, Mayor, Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council


We will not appreciate the full impact the Kuunchi Kakana centre and our EYLPP until the young children currently attending have hit a series of major milestones including (but not limited to) completing primary school, completing high school, progressing to tertiary education or vocational training, entering the workforce, and becoming parents themselves: returning to the centre to engage with their own children’s education.

While it will take time to measure the true impact, a strong indication of the progress being made can be seen through testimonials of people engaged in the process, and through the lives and stories of the people we support.


“I believe the support from the Puuya Foundation is just vital for the Lockhart River community.”
Gina Fairfax, Co-Founder, Tim Fairfax Family Foundation